Archival Reformer*


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Our Archival Reformer, inspired by Kathi Ross-Nash in Summer 2017 and developed by Sylvia Adamopoulos, has preserved the purity of the Pilates tradition Joe originally envisioned. 

Pilates Designs has recreated this archival masterpiece first used in the 1980's. 

*Please note rubber trim (as pictured above) optional at additional cost. 

Brushed Aluminum, Standard finish. 

All Archival Reformers are equipped with 4 springs, leather straps, upholstered long spine box, S curved upholstered shoulders, weighted bar, rubber pads, foot strap and leg extension straps. Does not include foot bar cover. Unique additions include special gear box, 'Z' handles with brass fixtures, 'O'-Ring fixtures on straps, clamshell stoppers, gear block sandwich stopper, special density foam. 

To check out with this item, or for accurate pickup, local delivery, and/or global shipment costs please send us an email at or call us at 718.721.5929 for more information. FOB shipments add $100 per box.

Please see call for more information. 

Part of our Archival line.

Lead times currently extend to around 24-27 weeks for production, shipping following.