Vintage Spine Corrector


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Vintage Spine Corrector. This thing is a beauty. 

Similar to our Archival line and first introduced in 2017 with Kathi Ross Nash, our new (but old) Vintage line revisits some of the most popular pieces of apparatus used by many Pilates greats from the 60s to 90s.

The Vintage Spine Corrector is handcrafted only by Pilates Designs. We have brought back an ageless design, featuring two full wooden side panels, brass handles, closed cell foam and a wooden panel with cut-out feature for convenient carrying. 

We extend a big thank you to Blossom Crawford for her generosity in entrusting us to reproduce her beloved teacher's (Kathy Grant) equipment, and for providing our community with this one of a kind piece.

Lead times for this item extend approxiimately 12-14 weeks for production, shipping following. 

Options: Walnut finish. (lead time for Walnut 13-15 weeks) Call for details and pricing.